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I've got a book that's sort of a "how to be evil" guide - sort of like those worst case scenario books but more instructional. Early on there's a quiz to see how fit to be evil you are. I don't have nightmares about unicorns and puppy dogs but I'm apparently at least a little bit above zero on the evilness scale.

Someone decided to make a MySpace account and use my work email address for some reason. Over the last few days he and "katie" have been having a long conversation wherein he tells her he loves her and then calls her a raging bitch because she's working at hooters and that's no place for the mother of his child to be workin' - he won't have his kid be raised in da hood - and he's challenged her new man to a race (presumably for "honor").

So now I've gotten a "change email confirmation" message and my options are thus.

  1. let him change his email address
  2. delete his account
  3. send out lots and lots of messages his friends list with all sorts of inane and/or creative tirades.
I'm leaning more towards three at this point.


You of course forgot the evil option number 4 (but of course you started the post with establishing your low evilness factor): 4. change his password and have a little fun with his account (while he presumably sits at home, weeping uncontrollably with rage, and hoping he gets a chance to 'race' you). You could of course change the password, and pass the account onto a more Evil friend, who could have this fun while you sit back and watch...

3 or 4, for sure. think of how much fun you could have!


Uh, wow. Moderator, cleanup on aisle four?

Fish67 was my original suggestion to him as well... ;)

Patrick, that was an elaborate expression of Tourette's. change the password. do it. do it.

Make the walls bleed! We own you!


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