Tales from a parallel dimension

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I've written and deleted about 7 different introductions to this and none of them do justice, so we're just going to dive in. Being a satellite member of "team etruria" I often get exposed to some interesting stories some of which I can't share at work for fear of some forced "re education and sensitization", so instead I'll just share one here instead.

A (initials only will be used here to protect the innocent, except for "Z", I'm pretty sure you can figure out who that is). So A gets up, "I've got gas, I'm going to go eat me some charcoal" and proceeds to grab two large shiny pure black pills.
J: what do you have there.
A: These are my black pills, they're going to make me turn black. I can already feel my hair getting curly.
J: Them's be Nigga Pills!
A: Watermellon does sound awfully good right now.
Z: (after regaining breath) I can never tell this story at work. I can explain that you're black J but no one will believe me. Off to HR I go.
J: Blonde hair, blue eyes, you are awfully racist looking.

Which of course sort of pales in comparison to the tale of the assaulting an inflatable fish in traffic and covering one's face with spray adhesive before thinking about what it might feel like to have that in your eyelashes.

I love team etruria.


Ok, now I'm really curious about team etruria... Not having (or wanting) a blog of my own, I'm going to hijack yours to relay this fun little anecdote: So, I took the bus the other day (to pick up my bike from the shop), and one of the other passengers on a fairly empty bus (this is the middle of the day on a local route through Lynwood), a middle-aged woman, is having a conversation with either the voices in her head, or an invisible person sitting next to her. The high point of the conversation went something like this: "Are you dead?" "No? Ok, good" "I just don't want to be stuck on a bus with a bunch of dead robots. I mean, that would just be scary, not being able to get off or anything." So, my guess is it was an invisible person, or more likely, robot, sitting next to her.

At least the robot/person wasn't dead.

So is this your little way of testing the water to see who has racist symathies similar to yours (on this idiot blog?) If you need to make shit like this up to get the balls to actually SAY HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE then just SAY it Mr. CHICKENSHIT! There is no "A" and there is no "Z" just you and your fucking dirty ugly mind.

WTF is all that ^^^^^^ about???

Dunno, probably someone catching a late link from boingboing or something and seeing this instead of the naked hippo rat monstrosity. But hey, at least it's not more viagra spam.

I had no idea your last name was Chickenshit. This explains all that weird mail we used to get...


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