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Ahh the symphony. Mozart's Requiem, always enjoyable. Sure the featured clarinet artist reminded me of some sort of large nervous bird the way he flitted about the stage and kissed his instrument before (and while) he played. Allison surmised his huge bug eyes in the program were due to the photographer having just removed her top, a theory I heartily endorse. Fantastic music though. The senile or just a plain cooky woman next to me was a bit of added flavor, what with the leaning against me to fall asleep, snapping awake and asking if anyone wanted to read the sheet music. She was nice. The sloppy drunk woman who fell out of her seat into the aisle, with the compasionate husband who just stood up and mocked her, they were a little less expected in beneroya hall. They were the stand out performers amongst a talented class including "man covered in dandruf" and "seven foot tall guy in a top hat". The music really was great though. Combine that with the drive by drug deal that went down in front of me and the woman standing in sentinel in the middle of the merge between the freeway and the express lanes and it's been sort of an odd week. Who knew drugs delivered?


Were any of them wearing wine hats?

Wine hats?

Ask Twig.

oops, that last comment got deleted whilst sweeping through cleaning up all of the link spam.

Wine hats - the high class version of a beer helmet, naturally. Jeez, someone needs to start drinking... and honestly, even I know drugs deliver - everything delivers, this is America!

Thanks, Twig. I mentioned the possibility of patron wearing them in on of your previous posts, Z.


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