And ties? you bet!

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The end of my first hazed day in the UK was spent enjoyably watching england lose against croation for some sort of semi-final (I think). Given the size of the very drunken croatian crowd out in piccadilly circus it's probably a good thing they're not rioting right now. I must say though, for a footie game, pretty dang exciting. Down to the wire and all that.

otherwise so far it's been reconoitering and trying to figure out how the hell londoners know where they're going. straight roads? ha, those are for pansies. Street signs as well. I do so very much love the underground though - here to there in about 10 minutes at just the swipe of a card.

Uneventful flight though somewhat noisy due to the chollicy baby convention taking place on the plane. Thank god for ear plugs.

tomorrow brings... well I'm not sure yet. I've got quite a few little things circled but no real plans. Thankfully I managed to find a place to sleep from saturday on (I only had two nights booked anywhere). It's even the same hostel despite being told that I couldn't extend my stay earlier in the day. It's a nice enough place - I don't know anyone by name yet but I celebrated and got good natured ribbing from several nice but unnamed strangers during the game.

And now to sleep and dream of strange Stonehengian dreams.


How did I completely miss the fact that you were leaving over Turkey day?

Don't feel bad J, I completely missed it too.

We all did... conversation w/ Z a couple of days ago was something like: "You're going to be where?" "England - didn't I tell you?" "Uh, no."

I swear to god I told at least some of you. I hope someone saved me some brine turkey!

Um, yeah. I had it cryogenically frozen. . . Actually, Tati ate your share.

He mentioned it in the blogs earlier. It was around the same time as the cool bike ride.


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