Canada, the new Australia

It appears that canadians have started taking the place of australians as the people you meet everywhere. So far I've bumped into a different on each night (or it may be a cleverly disguised same one, who knows) - always coming and going, they're a good crowd to fall in with. One couple appears to have adopted me and insists that I join them on a walking tour of london today. It's free, so hard to argue with the price. I've already seen about half of the stuff, but at least it's an organized something to do. Now if I can just manage to go back to sleep and get just a few more Z's I'll be fine - this 4 hours a night stuff is starting to take its toll on me. Perhaps I am getting old. Bah.

Yesterday was fun though (it's 8am now) despite spending FAR too much on the Dali museum for what it was. I mean seriously, £16 for two rooms? Granted, there was a horse (with melted clock saddle, naturally) that I would have happily wheeled out of there go sit next to the stolen Prodigal Son from Rodin but still - over $30 for two rooms. I opted not to spend a similar amount on the starwars exhibition, I may grow to regret that.

Navigating some strange back streets I managed to find the flee market of entirely useless things. Let me tell you, if you're ever in london and REALLY need repackaged off brand batteries at 8 in the morning then Lower Marsh road is where you want to be.

Well the radio just blared that it is "horridly bightingly cold" and I'm clearly on the edge of delusion so it's back to sleep for now. Up in an hour or two for another couple-ten miles of walking and then off to camden markets.

I wonder if this well make any sense when I read it again later - it already feels like it doesn't right now. I love traveling :)


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