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As geeky as it is - and it is incredibly geeky - there's really only one way to describe today. Charisma 18, Knowledge (local) +3. Yeah, those are D&D stats, you may commence mocking...

...done for now? Good. Let me explain. The canadian couple from earlier this sleep addled morning turned into just one canadian and we went on a nice walking tour where we met yet another kanuck as well as two austrian gals. The walking tour was bitter bitter cold and generally uninformative if somewhat entertaining but I did succeed in making some friends. Pretty dang good too because this trip was really sucking "meet random cool people in a hostel"-wise. It is then decided that we need to go to the canadian embassy, off to some random square for someone else to pick up a package (very suspicious) and then off to the Natural History and Science museum. I had a vague idea of where these three items were located within the city (especially in relation to tube stops) and a generally pretty good sense of direction so I became defacto expedition leader. It didn't matter that I didn't *actually* know where I was going, I was apparently confident enough in my presentation of opinion that I was trusted implicitly. My word was law when it came to where we went and what we did next. I think I'm still a little drunk with power. I'm going to have to learn to twist this to form some sort of army of minions. Note to self, look into that when I get home.

Dinner itself was also immensly gratifying. Since 3 of the 6 of us were still very tightly budget bound in college we managed to settle on a little steak house where some would be splitting others' meals. Side note - scottish steak appears to be the worst cuts available, even the presentation shots looked marginal at best. Continuing; It turns out the restaurant has some sort of "per person cover charge" of about a pound ($2) which is surprising and unwelcome but whatever, we're hungry. We ordered and the waiter - a pompus fat man in a tuxedo - makes an underhanded comment as he leaves with our order (I wish I could remember what it was but it's been purged from my mind by blind rage). In short order the stronger willed canadian and I conclude that this is both bogus and lame, she gathers up the gaggle of others and I leave to inform the mustachioed man that we didn't care for the service and would be dining elsewhere. Right next to another table of patrons. The look on his face was truely truely satisfying, righteous indignation carries the wrong connotation but it's the closest turn of phrase I can think of to describe it. The subsiquent meal at "Ultimate Burger" was probably the most delectible I've ever had (and the waitress there just asked if we wanted a few extra plates).

I should credit the fat man a little though, he did spawn an interesting conversation on the nature of what is expected of patrons at a restaurant. I defended my position that if you're there and paying for something then you can reasonably be expected to be treated with some respect (providing of course you are also respectful of them). If it's a very busy night and they can't afford to have half a table sit idle then simply inform us and no harm done. Being an ass is not an acceptable means of communicating this information. One of the ausrians and I debated this for quite some time, it was fun.

So now I'm about where I like to be in my trips, a nice group of 5 temporary friends and vague plans to wander the city in search of strange and interesting things. A day behind "schedule" but glad it happened. Totally makes the trip.

I realize my spelling is attrocious. I've even downloaded firefox in the hope of getting the red squiggles to tell me just how bad it is but no luck. I really must learn to write at some point.


Mock. Mock. Done. Actually, no, Mock. Done now. An army of Kanuck minions, eh? Scary.


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