Little Things

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It's the little things that make staying in my own home so nice. A bed that doesn't jab me in the upper back with twisted springs. A shower that has a setting between "scald" and "freeze". Not having to sleep with creepy cherubs watching over me in the gayest hostel room in existence...
Some of the other cherubs were much much worse...


Can't type...laughing too hard... *wheeze*

ok usually i have a severe allergy to superlatives (i chalk this up to my brother) but you are right, that is pretty high on the gay scale. pink + almost-naked muscular men. yep.

Don't forget the Dad tattoo on the dude's arm

Oh man...I totally missed the tattoo!

Hey, at least pink tattoed guy is doing something helpful, like pointing out where the lightswitch is. Does he glow in the dark? Wait... is that other painted cherub holding a heavyweight wrestling title belt in front of his face? Totally gay.

A heavyweight wrestling belt? I thought those were its teeth (better to devour your soul with) and it was holding a towel behind its head.

It's neither a belt nor teeth - it's more along the lines of a barred gimp mask. That's made more clear in some of the other cherubs (I should really sort through my pictures).

I just figured he was eating corn cobs that were tied together with ribbons. Hrmmm...I think I just multiplied the possible gayness of this image.


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