I had an enjoyable exchange with my manager today. He strolls up to my office and asks if I'll have my cel phone with me while I'm traveling. Yes, but I won't be answering it, just for emergencies.

How about your hotel number? Nope, I'm in a hostel, probably not the same hostel from night to night either. I'm actively considering a quick side trip to Marikesh.

Will you be checking your mail? Nope (assuming work mail). I sort of drop off the grid when traveling.

He mutters "hmmm" and walks away. Ahhh, satisfaction. I'm now officially looking forward to my little trip.

And so now I'm packing. I usually start off with the toiletries bag out of habit or tradition or whatever. I open up the draw-o-travel stuff and find two packages with nothing but squiggles all over them. Left over "interesting" things from egypt. I've figured out that one of them is meant for treating montezuma's revenge (or the egyptian equivalent thereof) but the little blue bottle with no recognizable words or numbers has me baffled. Clearly I must have gotten it for a purpose. I'm thinking terror scared london is not the place to bring a mostly unlabeled, certainly unidentifiable substance with me. Back in the drawer it goes.


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