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This is how much my brain is hard wired to play scrabble. Another way of looking at it is this is how much of a complete word dork I am. I played a pretty well matched game with patrick on thursday - lost 425 to 409 - and had only one sort of bad move. This morning I woke up and realized I'd missed a bingo on that one really bad move - ironically I'd missed the word "elusive" playing "lives" instead (waste of an S, see previous comment about word geek). Really, who has waking dreams like that?? I relate this to miles this morning since I know he'll be fascinated about it and at THAT moment realize that I had an O in the rack (I'd almost been able to spell louvers) and so couldn't have missed "elusive". Ha! take that brain. Wait, what?

I also rode a 7 person bike and decided it would be fun to go to the UK for thanksgiving. I'm not sure which is cooler.

And people run away from you when you're lumbering through the neighborhood at 9 at night with a loose dog and a 50 pound rucksack strapped to your back (training).

I think I might have a tad too much energy this morning.


I vote for 'word dork'. And 7 person bike - where did you manage to find one of those? Tres cool.

Don't you mean siete cool? And let's get this straight, "word nerd" has a much better ring to it.

How about the word velours as well? Just tryin' to help

I second the "word nerd".

It would be 'ganz cool', but I was trying to throw some French in, mix it up a bit...


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