Alcohol and Noise

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I skipped out on the microsoft holiday party this last weekend - turns out it was a wise decision since the music sucked beyond imagination from what I hear. Instead I went to brother's place for some BBQ and a hot tub in the middle of a wasteland. Alcohol was imbibed by most and since it was martin it was interesting alcohol - I had to try some. So I tried, and I think I've gotten his translation wrong but not by much, "Vodka Gut Tingle". Yeah, that inspired confidence. Actually it was quite nice as far as alcohol and I go. The other one didn't have a type of alcohol or list of ingredients really, it was just a yellowish liquid with a picture of two little chickens on the front of the bottle. So purree'd chicken is apparently also quite nice. Very warming. So that's me. Beer, hell no. Liqour made from minced baby ducks, probably okay.

Shortly thereafter I went to see Flogging molly where I was crushed twixt barrier and surging crowd for a few minutes then flung to the sidelines. After a few tries I made it back into - quoting here - the writhing sea of sweaty bodies. It was a freaking blast! Though I appear to have injured my shoulder somehow (there were a few mosh pits that I was on the edge of) and so now am largely unable to open doors with my right arm. Whatever, totally worth it.

And now it's back to work which would normally be considered mundane but since I don't actually have anything to do it's mostly splitting my time between experimenting with new tech and painting sharks on my wall. I love the dead zone that is december :)


That's where we've been going wrong trying to get you to test mixed drinks - minced baby ducks... And good work on living up to your Raver-boy persona. (Hey, there's a Halloween costume for you next year - dunh-da-dahh! "Raver Boy"!)

So jealous

ok to set the record straight: "Vodka Gut Tingle" is really "Vodka Stomach Bitter" if you translate directly... but it does have a good tingle :p I think I will now make it a rule that any visitor to my place will have to try the puree'd chicken liquer ha!


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