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I've had a little mural project to work on at work over the last few months during my down time. It's the end of a sprint where we're not shipping and we have a month before the next sprint so I've had a little more down time than usual. As such, behold the wall of spectacularness!

Yeah, it's from a tracing (go old school overhead projector!) so I don't get credit for freehand but I do have the baddest assed office wall around.


Some profanity...but you'll get over it. [link'[/link]

Work faster or the sharks will get you!! Is that a little neon xobox live sign I see? The shark should be eating it.

I can't have the sign be eaten. The whole point of Mr. Chompy-Chomp is to position the chair that interviewees sit in right in front of it. I've got two interviews coming up, should be fun :)

I wish I had that kind of downtime... Awesome work - looks cool. I hope you write about the interviewee's reactions ;) Is it me, or is the tracing from the Lifesavas poster from Flatstock a couple of years back?

nevermind, just noticed the post title...

Hey, can you take a picture of someone sitting in a chair there, so we can see what it looks like as an interviewee is threatened with becoming shark fodder?


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