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It's probably some sort of sin, or an example of some ridiculously long german psychiatric word, the level of enjoyment I get when someone who is falsely indignant gets the wind knocked out of their angry little sails.

I was hit on my way to work today, nothing serious. I'm in the second to right lane turning right (a legal move), she was in the right most lane and elected to not turn so much. A squeak and a little bump and I pull over to the side to get out and take a look. She's looking confused and finally pulls in behind me. I take a look, no damage, she managed to hit my wheel directly (hence the little bump).

Me: Well, no damage, looks like everything's fine.
Her: What about this scuff mark (points to bumper), that wasn't here before. This is a rental!
Me: Wow, that sucks. (admittedly this was sort of a dickish thing to say)
Her, angrily: Yeah it does!
Me: Well I was in an optional turn lane, you were in a turn only lane.
Her, deflated: Oh.. I didn't realize.
Me: Good luck then.

Just that, "oh.. I didn't realize", it warms the cockles of my shriveled and twisted heart.


Awesome...just awesome.

ah - So next time I need to LET them hit me. Got it! So many times I've had the same experience - SO glad to see it come to such a wonderful conclusion. :-)

haha, cockles...

"Wow, that sucks." Awesome.


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