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Justyn has requested that we bring the full force of this brain trust to bare on a personalized license plate that he was unable to decipher. While it's highly likely that this does in fact mean something I like to think this might be the first person to employ my plan to get a custom plate with gibberish on it. The thought of people wracking their brains to try and find meaning in 5 Qs and a Z amuses me. But I digress.

The plate in question reads: R N G E K Y O
The plate frame says: "Trauma Team"

Justyn and Erin came up with a couple of possible ideas, the most plausible of which is "Registered Nurse, Geek, Yo!". I keep seeing "Range, Kentucky, Oh" which makes a little less sense but the pattern recognition portion of my brain seems to be stuck on that.



Was it a Washington State plate?

Scott suggests someone's name; Nurse G. E. Kyo Here are the trauma terms I can think of: RN = nurse, NG = nasogastric tube, KY = the lube for the trauma handshake

"Trauma Handshake"... That's horrifying :)

That's awesome.

For some reason the Geico Gecko dressed in scrubs keeps coming to mind.

Oh, the things you remind me of... http://youtube.com/watch?v=O767l-aCTbA

maybe it's an acronym: Reasonably Nice Girls Evade Kissing Your Offspring Rowdy Naked Geeks Eating Kiwi-Yam Orzo Reapers Never Grow Evil King's Young Oats Really Naive Gentlemen Explorers Killed Yellow Ostrich

Gecko is what my pattern recognition is stuck on, but can't make any sense of it. And betty clearly has too much time on her hands...


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