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A friend of mine (michael) at work has a nerf dart gun - well actually we all have several - but he went and modified one particular dart to have the business end of a thumb tack in the suction cup area. He'd brandished it about and said he now possessed the ultimate power in the universe. I have to admit, it was a good idea.

I went into another friend's (mass) office today and found michael sitting there, contemplating a mountain dew can. I asked what was up, he said that they'd been weapon testing the dart. So far it had destroyed a little paper cube and put a few holes in the wall but that they weren't quite sure if it had the strength to puncture skin or aluminum (the dew can).

"Give me that!" I say and grab it from michael's hands. He struggles a bit and emplores "no" but I wrench it free and fire into the can. Whack! A clean hit and this jet stream of mountain dew shoots straight out of the can. Success!

It is, of course, only at this point that I realize the stream of mountain dew is firing - laser like - directly into my pants, right on the crotch. So now I sit here, mountain dew "piss" soaked pants and shirt tails slowly staining while mass cleans up his office desk, being generally lauded all around for having the "testicular fortitude" to embark on experiments no one else considered (rightly) a wise course of action.

I'm sure I also did some work today but it's sort of hard to focus on that right now.



I nearly peed myself laughing :) That reminds me of the way that I found my motorcycle pants had lost their waterproofing in a rainstorm a couple of months back... I took care of that problem the next day.


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