Threshold of laziness

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This has been rolling around in my mind for about a week, but I appear to have discovered the Threshold of Laziness - or at least my threshold. The Threshold (yes, capital T) is the point at which my general desire to not do unpleasant thinks matches exactly the annoyance something is causing me. It's rakes in a car.

I helped Justyn do a bit of maintenance on his house and brought over a few yard implements (a rake and two shovels). By the time I got back to my house it had started to rain bitterly and it was a LONG 110 feet back to the shed in the back yard to put the rakes away so I left them in my car. Over the course of the next week and a half the weather oscillated between rain and snow. And every day over that week and a half I would grind my teeth at the incessant rattling of the rakes as I drove to and from work thinking, "man, I really need to put these things away". Rattling... Rain... it was in perfect balance.

I am pleased by this discovery. I'm thinking "Birkenbuel's law of apathy" has a nice ring to it.


Rakes in a car. Snakes on a plane.

I'm down with Birkenbuel's Law of Apathy" (capitalize the Apathy, of course).


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