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Huzzah for a working authoring and editing system!  Sure it looks a little different and I haven't gotten things entirely moved over yet (and I'm sure there were some errors in the moving of the old stuff) but it's much much easier for me to manage now.  PLUS, bonus, it's got handy image upload utilities so I can share the genius of the fred meyer product placement/marketing department:

brownies.jpg I can't tell if it's a disgruntled employee or a legitimate effort to place something close to where someone might want to find it.

Soon I fly to the Make Faire and I'm excited to learn to spot weld and take a few thousand pictures.  Then it may or may not be off to Orlando to learn all about visual studio (that one's for work), a quick jaunt home and finally I return to Vegas.  It's been far too long.

Oh yes, comments are now wide open - just as they were before - though if the amount of annoying spam continues I may eventually try the whole "account" thing, thoughts?


What would be even better is if the impulse item location was per a corporate headquarters display layout. Then you would know it was company wide.

Very nice; if it was near the freezer aisle, would they have Ben & Jerry's & Bon Bons?

Make Faire? I am SO jealous. You'd better take a ton of photos.

Hmm - somehow I didn't think you liked Vegas.

I like the discounts on all of the products within the proximity of the chocolate. It's as if the person stocking the shelf was trying to say "Gah! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'll cut prices; I'll give you chocolate! Just let me live!"

Wait, Pro Comfort tampons? This implies that either all other tampons are anti-comfort, or that there exists a level of professional comfort previously unknown to the average user.

Also, my vote is for legitimate business strategy. A disgruntled employee would be more likely to stock the tampons as an impulse purchase in front of the chocolate.

Woah. I haven't been to the site in awhile, looks like I missed a lot. I miss the quotes on the top banner


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