Unexpected weekend

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I'm recently home from burying someone else's pet out in discovery park - that's just how strange this unplanned weekend has progressed. 

With 2/3 of the folks I normally hang out with out of town this weekend (or so it felt like) I was a bit resigned to an uneventful memorial day, but the world would have none of that.  Saturday I had agreed to let Abby use my kitchen to cook Justyn dinner.  Then it was dinner for a few people, there had even been an eVite about it but I (as is my style) knew nothing of this.  10-12 people, no problem.  I think all total we probably had about 30 show up, which isn't a terribly large party but it was surprising that my tiny little house managed to house that many people fairly comfortably.  The Wii was played, motorcycle ogled, fajitas grilled and by pure happenstance (one of the guests older sisters went to my highschool in my class) we broke out the old high school year book and I was mercilessly mocked.  It was great.  Plus I finally met a few of the folks in some of Justyn's stories that I hadn't met before.

Sunday as an enjoyable day burning myself at the park and game night followed by insomnia which lead nicely into the email greeting me this morning - one of Allison's rats hadn't survived the 4 weeks she's gone in wales and Chavie wasn't entirely certain what to do.  We decided on burial (as opposed to 4 more days in the freezer) so I went and found the makings of a little coconut shell coffin and prepared for the trip out to discovery park.  If I ever suddenly need to bury a body again (one never knows) I think next time I'll wait until not the middle of the day on a somewhat sunny holiday because let me tell you, nothing is more suspicious than seeing someone walking around a park with a stuffed bag and a shovel and nothing is quite more surreal than digging a grave in a small copes of trees while little children giggle and run all around you.  Please don't look over here.

Vegas the previous weekend was enjoyable too, especially the Cirque show Ka. 

dishonor gnome gets some play in vegas dishonor gnome swimming in the poolDishonor gnome came traveling with us and managed to experience both the highs and lows of Vegas.  Seen here getting some play and relaxing in the pool.

dishonor gnome laying dead in the gutterdishonor gnome losing it all in slotsThen of course here losing it all on slots and laying dead or destitute in the gutter.

Taking that little gnomey punk with us was probably the best idea my manager has ever had.  He may just have to become a regular traveling companion.  He, or one of his plastic and thusly less breakable siblings.



gnomes get ALL the action.

Ah hah so *that* was the action you got over the weekend...

Perhaps folks would ogle your motorcycle more if you actually rode it... :)

and "If I ever suddenly need to bury a body again" - isn't that Tiff's line?

Nice gnome pics - looks like he rocked the town!


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