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Every now and again I get absolutely entranced by the little bits of nature that scurry and hop about my yard in the morning - usually to the detriment of my commute.  While the squirrels are ever vigilant against Addie, she and the birds seem to have drawn up a tentative truce (even with the crows).  We spent probably a good half hour this morning watching a little robin hop around gathering up bits of sodden twig for a nest presumably.  It saw us and was initially scared but quickly realized we meant no harm and went about its business.  It's possible I've started noticing this more since the last two movies and book I've read have had a lot to do with folks living in the wild but who knows.  I like my little urban forest.

Also, the best thing about heart ache, waffles for dinner.


Mmm, waffles.

You are the bestest to me Z.


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