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Back from camping - such as it was.  Addie was apparently hit by a car but shows no real signs of having suffered any damage - the driver drove off, this was reported third hand, so I can only assume that she completely caved in the front of the car as any good tank-like dog would do.  The vet said that if she wasn't bleeding profusely and walking on shattered limbs that she was probably fine, just watch for lethargy.  She's a 9 year old dog and sort of pudgy, lethargic is pretty much how you describe her on a good day.  But yes, she's fine.  However the whole process pushed me over a threshold I didn't realize I was near.

I have now been cited and fined by every level of government as near as I can tell.  The University of Washington campus has to be considered some sort of demi-city (damage to property for riding my bike where I shouldn't have), city (parking tickets), county (speeding), state (speeding again), and now the federal government for - and I'm quoting here - "Dog in a closed area".  $75.  Then again for "Dog off leash". Another $75.

That first citation really translates to "dogs where there aren't supposed to be dogs" because, apparently, dogs are forbidden in national parks.  National forests are fine, as are state parks and forests where they are also considered "restrained" if under strict voice control - It's just national parks that are a no go.  God only knows the terror and havoc they've been conditioned to unleash in parks but not forests.  But anyway, all of you fellow dog owning car camping Seattle-ites, next time I say we head for the olympic state park.


OK...the first half of your second sentence gave me a heart attack.

Welcome to the bad-boy club Z. ;)

Glad Addie is okay!

Sorry, bud, try again; it's the Olympic National Park... Perhaps a short jaunt to Dash Point State Park?

The Olympic national forest surrounds the national park twig my man - that or the guys on the national forest web site are REALLY bored and decided to fake one:

It sure does - but your post says "olympic state park"...

Yikes, glad to hear Addie is OK. Did this happen while you had her illegally in the NP so that she could irrevocably terrorize the environment?

Ahh, so it does. I even have a means of easily going back and editing a post now but that seems bad form :)

Yes, she was terrorizing all of the neighboring campgrounds by sleeping next to a tree for hours on end. The actual hitting took place while we were down by the river - though apparently she grew bored of the rushing water and wandered up to the road when I wasn't paying attention.


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