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Stage one is now under way.  I went to Fred Meyer to pick up cheese (one can never have enough pepper jack) and noticed that they had some of those "throw away tupperware" containers in the clearance aisle.  Sauntering over to take a look they turned out to be pretty much exactly the right size to hold a disposable camera, an envelope and a brief introduction - disposable cameras were even near by for me to verify the fit.  So I bought them all

Pile of tupperware
There are only 70 in that cart, I'd cleaned out the store and had to go to the ballard Uber-fred meyer to get the rest.

Trundling around the grocery store with a heaping pile of plastic boxes and a box of triscuits draws surprisingly few looks it turns out, only one person overtly stared.  It did cause the checker to mistrust me though, she had to individually scan all 35 of them, crafty folks out there must make a habit of ripping of $1.49 tupperware.

So now I've got the boxes (and a small pile of paper cuts).  There are two prototype boxes drying their paint right now and I've located the envelopes. 

Soon.  Very soon.


Dude! This is awesome!

I wish I had been there to see you moving through the supermarket. It would have been amazing.

Oh, I do want to see pictures of the freshly painted prototypes...


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