Crowned Prince

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Behold!  The black iron crown of the idiot prince, forged in the fires of hell and bathed in the blood of fools.

Iron Crown of the idiot princeSo it's really "medium" steel, forged in a gas furnace and I only got a blister burn on my thumb (hardly bathing in my blood) but I'm sure I count as a fool for having grabbed one side of a 7 inch steel circle (gloved hand, but still) while the other side was glowing orange hot.  Matty can attest to the fact that this is a somewhat unwise idea I'm sure.

Plus I got to set up a pseudo light box at work using a pile of desk lamps which is really only interesting if you're a complete photography nerd, such as myself.

Long and short of it, I'm enjoying my blacksmithing class.  Of course I still have 3 more weeks and I've already made a crown so the prospect of making another crown instead of something new is a little on the lame side.  So, you know, any suggestions are welcome.  I've already got a request for ninja stars (possibly doable) and a katana (probably not).


Crown looks good.

As far as future project ideas, here's one for you.

As we all know, there is the one spoon. You know the spoon. Everyone loves the spoon. I propose that you smith up another spoon. A spoon 2 if you will. If you could find a piece of tool steel probably 1/4" inch in diameter by about 4 inches long it would make for a fine utensil.

Do it. Craft the successor. You know you want to. Well you know you want to now anyway.

Matt my good friend, you are a brilliant brilliant man - Spoon 2 (son of spoon?) it shall be. Plus I'm sure it'll take lots of tries to get it right so I'll have something to do for a while.

Sword, come on - every geek needs a sword forged by their own hands...

Just don't make a bottle opener ;)

There's nothing wrong with a forged bottle opener. The only criteria is that it must be strong enough to rip the lip of the bottle off along with the cap without actually breaking the neck of the bottle. It can be done.

Matt...if you didn't have good friends, you would have lost the ability to whistle quite a few summers ago :).

Do you still have that miniature crowbar?


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