November Smackdown

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Patrick has had the phenomenal idea of holding a November 4th "big game night" party and (being patrick) wants to make it sporting.  Since we all assume that the election will go a certain way - or even if we're wrong that it'll have been decided fairly early on - he's decided to make things a little more interesting/involved by having a "sweet 16" style bracket for the evening.  Presidential race is prominently featured, of course, but there's a number of swing states to contest as well as close senatorial races and some local initiatives.  He sent me the draft of what he was working on and I - being the graphically inclined person I am - decided to make us up a proper bracket sheet:

bracket.jpgI'm not as pleased with the "godless communists" side of things as I am with the "religious gun nuts" - then again I've always liked the "republican jesus" propaganda poster.  I did the best I could to be fair and balanced.  If you want an exceedingly high resolution copy for print you can snag the Jpeg (700k) or the even higher quality PNG (2meg).  The PDF was just too huge.  Suggestions for improvements welcome.  And note that I didn't find a good place for some of the "bonus questions" such as what color pantsuit will Palin wear and who will be the first to cry (my money's on Biden).


Oh. Your. God.

Freakin' Awesome! Where did you get the gun-toting Jesus poster? Or did you make it yourself?

dear zack; susan gave me a blog address for them to use from australia, but it is not coming up for me. am i using this right? she said you set it up, so i figured you would know.

she said use

thanks for your help = we would really like to track them thru this trip.

hope you are well

love, nancy and jeff


yep, is the address you want to use for their trip - tough it looks like they haven't managed to post a "we've arrived" message yet, it's still just their rough hotel information. Hopefully it starts working for you.


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