Aw Phuket

Internet access here in the Phang-nga region north of Phuket is a little on the dodgy side.  Hard to come by and frequently affected by power outages, but still an enjoyable little town.  Not much to share other than photos I can't post because this computer lacks the horsepower to read memory cards (apparently) and the fact that renting a little 125cc scooter and driving it into town is fun, but reversing those 20km in driving rain with insane military truck drivers and twisty roads is a little more... "thrilling" than I would have expected.  No elephants to be ridden since "riding" them consists of sitting in a box on their backs here - no amount of bribing will get me anything else.  A day of recovery in a luxury hotel that costs less than a motel six back home and then it's an hour back to phuket, 12 hours killed on last minute trinket finding and 24 hours of flying home.  Thankfully the folks trying to overthrow the government here seized control of the bangkok airport and left the farang to come and go as they please out of the south.

It's been a strange day.


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