Cake of national strife

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To go along with the wagering for honor and little plastic trophies that the election tomorrow will bring it was decided that we needed a cake.  Plans were drawn up for a giant united states shaped cake, carved out with each state iced individually.  This was quickly downgraded to a moderately sized US shaped cake.  The natural progression continued to uncarved but still individually outlined, and finally to the monstrosity of frosting that you see below.

United states electoral cakeThe cake is still made from Red Velvet and Blue Velvet (blue food coloring is surprisingly easy to procure in obscenely large bottles, provided you know where to look) however it is no longer individual states stuck together and is instead just two big cakes stuck together.  Lesson learned, large cakes don't cook evenly: the red half of the country is a little crispy on the outside.  Regardless, it was fun and will provide entertainment if not actual sweet enjoyment tomorrow.

Bonus picture - Donkey and Elephant fight over a field of cattle.  Canadian hockey vanguard stand at ready in the background.

cows in the battleground states


Ooh, Texas is giving L.A. the stinkeye!

I love the muddled color that is Florida - brilliant. Wish I could be there to watch with you guys. If they have any coverage from London on tv keep an eye out for me!!

Very nice! Though I'm surprised you didn't consult on Tiff's or Ab's baking skills... If it was just frosted, I would suggest it be submitted to cakewrecks ;)
But the vignettes of plastic figurines overwhelmingly make up for it!

Cake wrecks have to be professionally done.


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