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I've got a little time to kill this morning before we head out to the flooded forest (or flooded city, wasn't real clear on that) so I decided to head to the "main street" area of Siem Reap.  Most of it is under construction but there are still shops a plenty trying to sell shoes or bits of statuary or the occasional stuffed crocodile. This is all well and good but I'm curious what's down the little dark passageways that lead into the unexposed core of the shopping block.  Turns out this is where the locals buy their pigs heads.  Not kidding, there are plenty of meat vendors (in addition to rice and vegetables) but there's also one gal who seems to be devoted to selling nothing but the head of the pig sliced off just behind the ear.  It's a little startling to see just after 8 in the morning and it thoroughly convinces me I'll probably opt for the jug of water instead of the cow...

... earlier last night (just after having landed) Hank was extolling some of the more outside-the-norm things you can do in Cambodia if you're bored.  "For $5 you can fire an AK-47 into a chicken," he says.  "what, like hanging from a rope?", "Nope, a live chicken just pecking around on the ground." Ah... "Yep, if you want to spend the big bucks for $50 you can fire a rocket propelled grenade into a cow".

It took a little while for that option to sink in.  Desiccating a chicken with a fully automatic weapon is a small loss of meat but destroying an entire cow with an RPG seems a tad on the wasteful side even for $50.  Al figures maybe you pay $50 and get a single shot with the rocket and you may just not hit it.  The proprietors are counting on you having horrible aim and that one cow will last through a few firings - who knows.  I'll admit I'm tempted to shoot a shoulder mounted missile but I think I'd rather fire it into a giant tub of water or mound of earth or something - the thought of aerosolized cow just doesn't do it for me.

Overall I think I'm going to enjoy the temples more than anything else here.


Pictures? Come on, uber geek, don't leave us in the dark! Sounds awesome, I am jealous.

Come on, it's only $50... ;)

Seriously. Give them $50 and ask if you can shoot at a 50 gal plastic water barrel (or old car or something) instead of the cow. That way you would get to shoot the rocket launcher, blow something up, and save them the cost of a new cow. Everybody wins.

Since you find my stories from work too unpleasent, vaporizing a cow shouldn't be on your list of things to do.


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