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So clearly it's been a while since I wrote anything here - thing is, it will probably continue to be a while.  I find it's a hell of a lot of fun to write when I'm traveling but there's really not a whole lot about the SCRUM process at that makes the cut, so to speak.  J Ho's getting married and running his business so there are fewer "nigga pills" stories, Al's off in a dating haze.  Mikey's up in canada, Patrick's in school along with Scott (god only knows what Jeni's schedule is like).  Tiff and Abby communicate more through email now that there's no more movie night.  And standing practice is I just don't write about those I'm in a relationship with (sorry Aliki, you'll only show up in dream stories).

So what to do with this space.  I want to hang on to the domain since I've had it forever and there's email and Duffman attached to it.  I could open it up for all of you, maybe a space to share 10 meg movies instead of mailing them (Mike, I'm looking at you).  Or just leave this particular little post up here until I go traveling again (february, hawaii) or Traveling again (argentina or spain I'm thinking).

Mostly I just wanted to not have "Aw Phuket" be the thing that pops up every time I open my browser so this little post is the result.


You're welcome. And I'm getting better, I try to only e-mail insanely huge files to those with Gmail accounts (seriously, I'd be surprised if anyone is using more than 25% of their Gmail space).

Oh, and thank you for putting something new above "Aw Phuket".
Seriously, though, I think you should keep the site - even if you only use it for travelling, that's still pretty often, knowing you...

I do need to drop off Christmas stuff to you and Addie. Sadly, since I hardly keep in touch with Pat, I am beginning to think I should leave his present with you as well...even though he lives a "dog walk" away. What ever happened to game night?

I have 4 other versions of that too...


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