I know what I hate, and I don't hate this

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Round 2 of crossfiting has me slightly bruised and with sore hamstrings but I'm manning up for round 3 tonight.  Round 4 is over a week after that (bad scheduling) and then I'll be all signed off to go attend regular classes.  This makes me pumped.  Then I talk to Jordan, who's made it to the final round of the crossfit games and I'm in awe.  Quote him, there are 75 guys in the competition, all others of which he's sure have murdered someone at some point.  Good times.  Regardless, the goal of being back in my normal good general health by the wedding seems completely doable.

So what I don't hate: free games from my work.  Sam & Max is quite enjoyable, moreso when it's free.  Getting my wedding rehersal dinner planning taken care of by my pop - HUGE weight off my mind.  The rubber Bridezilla Kjersting gave us.  The fact that my personality quirks are already rubbing off on Aliki, who now says "meh".

Some things I actually do hate: the interface for the Magic: the Gathering arcade game.  Seriously, who thought forcing turn advancement unless you hit pause in a game that requires lots of thinking was a good idea.  Bah, get off my lawn.

And since I just listened to a "To the Best of our Knowledge" podcast wherin they talk all about wefeelfine.org, I'm feeling anti-lackadaisical.  Ha, that'll mess with their statistics.

God, I can't wait to go to Argentina!


First! :)


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