The least sensical thing I've done in a while

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I'm not sure if sensical is the right word, or even a real word for that matter, but Stupid seemed too harsh and Proactive seemed too much like work.  So "Sensical" it is.  Anyway.  Now that my snowboarding season has shrank to an unacceptably short duration, I've been through several different exotic tropical diseases without the usual intervening physical training to recover, and my age requires a sixth bit to represent (32 for the 99.99% of the population that doesn't think like me), my muscle tone is starting to more closely approximate Martin's than I'd like.  Sorry Marty, easy shot, had to take it.

But I'm getting off track here.

The least sensical thing I've decided to do in a while is start CrossFitting.  Jordan has always raved about it (naturally, since he runs Xplore CrossFit), and honestly the thought of going in for another few months of bench pressing and various contorting machines seems really really boring.  So instead I've opted to work with Level 4 and start flipping tractor tires around a parking lot, or swinging around a soccer ball full of cement.  You know, fun exercise.  It's also helpful to have the wedding coming up in 5 months.  It gives me a nice target date to feel back in shape.

I've opted for Level 4 since they've got classes late enough in the day that an eastside worker such as myself can get to them and they still have some soul.  Not as much as Xplore or Foundation CrossFit, but certainly a hell of a lot more than Northwest CrossFit (which is technically in a more convenient location).  Strangely enough they were also featured in the seattle times yesterday - but I was into them when they were still indie.  Read that article and tell me it doesn't sound fun.  Then read Jordan's story about the python and you'll undertand what I mean by soul

So that's what I'll be doing for the next little while.  That and getting married and starting my masters degree program and building an addition on my house - god only knows why I chose this as the subject to finally write something about.


Oh christ, 12 total minutes of exercise (3 4 minute rounds with 5 minutes of rest in between, which I wasn't technically supposed to take) and I swear I wanted to throw up. But fun, so we're on the right track

Ha. Too much for me, man - 'fun torture' doesn't ring well with this lazy man... I'll stick to skiing & wakeboarding ;)

And naturally you wrote about this - I imagine the other subjects are a bit overwhelming at the moment...


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