A bad analogy

This is probably a very bad analogy (or is it more of a proverb?) of the hair pulling frustration I had at work the other day and the corresponding solution.

Me: Hey, you, I want you to do me a favor.
Program: What's that?
Me: See this list of information, I got it from that book over there, I want you to tell me whenever it changes.
Program: Got it.
Me: *goes and changes some stuff in the book*
Me: And?
Program: Not a damn thing has happened.
Me: @#(*&@!@!!

Me: Okay, Program, same deal as before.  You, list, book over there, let me know when it changes.
Program: Got it.
Me: Yeah, I'm sure you do, but why don't you go over there and look at it first.
Program: Okie-dokie.. yep, got it.
Me: *goes and changes some stuff in the book*
Me: And?
Program: Hey, things changed!
Me: Thank god!

Warning, nerd speech:  So the technical translation of that is I wanted to create a "dependency" object that watches a "sql command" object and tells me whenever something happens in the database that would change the results of the sql command.  What I wasn't doing yesterday but that I am doing today is telling the command to execute so that the dependency knew what the hell it was looking for.

I'd be more elated if I didn't feel so stupid :)


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